Cellar Door Fest

Jessie’s Kitchen

Swing by Jessie’s Kitchen throughout Cellar Door Fest to enjoy a series of free, live cooking demonstrations. Hosted by the talented Jessie Spiby, this stage is jam-packed with local producers sampling, spruiking and demonstrating their newest and most delicious products. With demonstrations scheduled at various times throughout the Fest, Jessie’s Kitchen presents a great opportunity to join in foodie discussions and learn how to whip up unique dishes that you can cook at home.

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Saturday 16 March

11.30am – Electrolux

12.30pm – Producers of the Fleurieu

1.30pm – Spice Girlz + Milkless

2.30pm – Jessie Spiby

3.30pm – Woodside Cheese Wrights

Sunday 17 March

11.30am – Electrolux

12.30pm – Grunds Gourmet

1.30pm – Jessie Spiby

2.30pm – Producers of the Fleurieu

3.30pm – Spice Girlz + Milkless